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wilhelm premium lager

a brand that honors family + tradition.

When our creative director Benjie's grandfather passed away we asked him what  “Family" means to him.  And two things always come to mind: love, and beer. Born from a rich German heritage his family has always had an equally rich love of beer, and it felt only right to honor both with a premium lager, crafted in his own family values. Growing up, Benjie was taught his grandfather that a Wilhelm is proud, honest, and - above all else - respectful.

The mark was crafted from his family’s royal crest, overlaid on a rich red reminiscent of the German flag. The wordmark is typeset in Wilhelm Blackletter, from the Klingspor foundry in Germany. With these two combined, the brand is both proud and strong - two defining familial traits.

Wilhelm Premium Lager invites anyone to join the family through a shared joy of well-crafted beer and comradery. As Benjie says: "This one's for you, Grandpa."